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LG CNS Brings Energy Storage Systems to the American Market

published: 2015-06-12 15:35

LG CNS, an affiliate of LG Corporation and a leader in the South Korean IT service market, plans to expand its business in America by demonstrating its integrated energy storage system (ESS). LG Corporation is also fostering its energy business to be an engine of growth for the next generation.

In 2014, LG CNS built the world’s largest energy storage, 23MWh, for peak management for LG Chem plant in South Korea. It also participated in a project that used energy storage for frequency regulation as one of the service for the integrated Governor Free Control and Automatic Generation Control service model for Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). LG CNS possesses competitive technology in the energy storage market as an IT service provider with a strong expertise in IT system integration.

The market of ESS has grown with the development of renewable energy, and system integrators that can manage projects have become more important in the energy storage industry. ESS providers with strong IT background and technologies will be able to satisfy multiple needs. LG CNS leverages its 28-year SI experience in the energy industry to provide ESS turnkey technology for planning, designing, implementing and managing energy projects.

Now, LG CNS is driving an ambitious project with KEPCO to transform Ulleung Island into the world’s biggest 100% grid-independent island by 2020. Not only renewable energy systems will be developed, smart microgrid solutions, ESS and Energy Management System will be also introduced for the project.

“The global energy market is transitioning from a conventional supplier-driven system to a customized system that meets the conditions and needs of customers,” commented an LG CNS official. “LG CNS has a mid- and long-term vision centered on becoming one of the major energy service players in the American energy market.” 

(Photo Credit: LG CNS' blog)

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