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Powerstorm Announces the Commercial Availability of Its Modular Energy Storage Solution

published: 2015-07-23 17:49

Powerstorm ESS (Powerstorm or “the Company”) has completed production and testing of its first commercial scale Modular Energy Storage Solution (MESS) unit. The MESS is a small, hybrid “off-grid” system that uses solar and wind energy, along with a generator and lithium ion batteries for backup, to efficiently generate, store, and distribute between 5kWh and 750kWh of DC power for a variety of applications.

The MESS’ small dimensions relative to conventional electricity sources makes units easily transportable, and its “plug and play” characteristics allow for rapid installation and startup. With its patent-pending “Digital Brain” the MESS features advanced interconnectivity and monitoring capabilities well suited for operation in remote locations. The Company will be installing this initial unit in the Long Beach, CA, area under a pilot program, and is now ready to accept and fulfill orders.

Powerstorm markets and intends to distribute the MESS in developing markets throughout Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia where reliable power is scarce and, in many areas, no large-scale electric grid exists. Additionally, the Company will pursue select opportunities within the United States. Powerstorm is seeking sales to telecommunication service providers, where units would be installed to generate and deliver power to support the operation of wireless base stations in remote areas that lack access to dependable “on-grid” electricity. Additionally, Powerstorm has been working with the United Nations, the World Bank, numerous local governments, NGO’s, and charitable foundations with the intention of installing MESS units at clinics and other community centers in undeveloped rural areas in countries such as Sierra Leone, as well as making units available to be deployed in disaster recovery and humanitarian efforts.

Mike Freni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Powerstorm, commented, “We are making progress toward our goal of delivering clean, dependable power to those who need it most. Currently 1.3 billion people are living without this vital resource. The demand for sustainable, low-emission energy is undergoing a groundswell throughout the world, particularly in developing nations, and we believe that Powerstorm is well positioned to be an important supplier.”

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