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BYD and ADL Partner to Establish London’s Frist Large-scale Pure Electric Bus Fleet

published: 2015-07-31 15:15

BYD Company agreed to collaborate with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) to form a new alliance and confirmed a£19 million deal to build London’s first large-scale, zero-emission, single deck bus fleet comprises 51 pure electric buses. The fleet is also the largest fleet of full size electric buses in Europe.

The move follows confirmation by Go-Ahead London that they are to introduce 51 emission-free, pure electric buses on routes 507 and 521, which operate between Waterloo and Victoria. Transport for London (TfL) announced earlier this month that it would electrify central London routes, 507 and 521, as part of its drive to make all of its single deck buses emission-free by 2020.

The vehicles will be built on BYD chassis and powered by BYD's electric drivetrain. All 51 single deck 12m buses will be bodied by ADL, incorporating their Enviro200-like midi bus design. The Enviro200 is the world's best-selling midi bus and renowned for its lightweight, easy access, maneuverability and fuel efficiency. In addition, BYD will be responsible to repair and maintenance.

Richard Harrington, Engineering Director of Go-Ahead London, commented: "Go-Ahead is constantly striving to stay at the forefront of technology and to make a major contribution in the reduction of emissions and pollutants. This is a considerable step towards a cleaner, greener London bus fleet."

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