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Trina Solar-equipped Solar Car Wins 2015 FIA Alternative Energies Cup

published: 2015-08-04 16:58

Osaka Sangyo University (OSU) designed a solar car equipped with Trina Solar’s newly developed IBC cells and modules for the 2015 FIA ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES CUP Solar Car Race. The “OSU-Model-S” solar car won the solar car race held at Suzuki International Racing Circuit (the “FIA Suzuka Solar Race”), marking OSU’s fourth consecutive victory at the race.

The Trina IBC-equipped solar car was 100% powered by solar cells developed by the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of Trina Solar. 565 Trina Solar’s IBC cells and modules, which demonstrated efficiencies up to 24.4%, were installed on the OSU-Model-S, fueling the solar car to make the top ranked category of the five-hour race – the OSU-Model-S won its category by 66 laps, three laps ahead the following car.

"Through utilizing Trina's IBC Cells, our solar car was highly efficient. Thanks to an extremely light weight design, efficient power electronics and Trina's solar cells, our solar car was able to maintain an average speed of 78.5km throughout the 5-hour race,” said Mr. Masayuki Murakami, Project Leader of the OSU Solar Car Project. “I am very thankful to the team led by Dr. Pierre Verlinden, Chief Scientist of Trina Solar. With the team's world-class technology and superior knowledge of solar power applications, we were able to demonstrate how effective solar powered transportation can be.”

The IFA Suzuka Solar Race is the largest international solar car race taking place in Japan. First held in 1992, this year's competition marked its 24th year.

(Photo Credit: Osaka Sangyo University Solar Car Project)

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