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KYOCERA Solar to Install Rooftop PV Arrays at Puerto Rico Academy

published: 2016-05-17 18:59

Puerto Rico enjoys abundant sunshine but charges relatively high fee for commercial electricity. These factors make Puerto Rico an ideal place for developing solar PV systems. Academia Cristo de los Milagros (ACM) in Caguas, Puerto Rico, has selected KYOCERA Solar to develop a 207kW rooftop solar PV arrays atop its buildings to take the most advantage of the country’s sunshine.

Kyocera Solar delivered PV modules for the local authorized installer Dynamic Solar Solutions to install the 207kW rooftop PV arrays. Dynamic Solar installed the rooftop system using prefabricated bases and an Ironridge racking system.

“ACM is committed to protecting the environment,” explained Myrna Carrion, Principal of Academia Cristo de los Milagros. “This solar project supports our commitment to help the environment while reducing our operational budget for the benefit of our students.”

The solar arrays will collectively produce 296,900kWh of clean electricity per year, saving the school a projected US$71,000 annually. Furthermore, the project will receive the government incentives, which will cover 35% of the installing cost and hence provide a return on investment within simply five years.

Puerto Rico aims to increase its renewable energy share to 15% by 2020 and to 20% by 2035. The country’s commercial electricity rates are approximately $23cents/kWh, compared to approximately 8 ~15cents/kWh in the mainland United States. With such high rates, solar is a smart choices to control costs and help reduce carbon emissions.

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