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Lerri Solar Announces Global Expansion Plan

published: 2016-09-06 16:41

Lerri Solar, a monocrystalline PV cell and module specialist as well as a subsidiary of Xi’an LONGi, announced a new initiative to increase its influence in bringing the value of mono modules to the overseas market. The target markets include Japan, India, USA, UK, Australia, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and South Africa.

Lerri Solar has already built its reputation as the leader in the mono-si PV market in China. When entering into the global market, the company will continuously promote the value of mono-si modules to PV developers, EPC service providers, and PV system investors and owners. Lerri Solar's technology strategy is high efficiency mono-si cells assembled into long-life high-performance modules using proprietary manufacturing techniques that reduce manufacturing cost and the levelized energy cost of electricity from sunshine.

Lerri Solar is ramping up production capacities in Malaysia and India along with its parent company, LONGi’s strategic deployment.

“We have now set up subsidiaries in Tokyo, Frankfurt and San José,” said Mr. Richard For, LERRI Solar's Head of Overseas Business. “These new overseas operations will propel the organization forward to be a truly global solar energy leader." 

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