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Yingli Americas and Picasolar Wins SunShot Award for Innovative Cell Technology

published: 2016-09-13 16:14

Yingli Green Energy’s (Yingli Solar’s) wholly owned subsidiary, Yingli Green Energy Americas (Yingli Americas) and Picasolar Inc. are the recipients of a prestigious SunShot award from the Department of Energy to advance Picasolar's innovative Hydrogen Super Emitter (HSE) into pilot production.

The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative is a collaborative national effort that aggressively drives innovation to make solar energy fully cost-competitive with traditional energy sources before the end of the decade. Through SunShot, the Energy Department supports efforts by private companies, universities, and national laboratories to drive down the cost of solar electricity to $0.06 per kilowatt-hour. Picasolar has previously received two SunShot awards to develop the novel selective emitter approach for n-type solar cells.

The HSE process enables higher efficiency while reducing the amount of silver required during cell production. Laboratory demonstrations verified by a third party have shown over 1% absolute efficiency improvements while eliminating 15% of the silver grid lines. This collaborative SunShot project will combine Yingli's world class manufacturing expertise with Picasolar's award winning technology and will result in a pilot demonstration in 2017.

"Yingli is committed to delivering the highest performance modules at the best cost for consumers. Continued development of advanced solar cell technologies is a big part of achieving this goal," commented Sergiu Pop, Director of Strategic R&D for Yingli Americas. "Successfully completing this project will result in additional competitive advantages for Yingli and we are very excited to be working with Picasolar."

"Picasolar is thrilled to be working with Yingli and we are impressed by their commitment to long term value creation through technology development," said Douglas Hutchings, CEO of Picasolar. "Even the world's best technology doesn't have an impact unless it makes into manufacturing. Working with the team at Yingli we can help ensure that this technology gets to market."

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