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MiaSole Unveils Ultra-Light, Flexible, and High-Efficiency Solar Panels

published: 2016-09-13 17:32

CIGS thin-film solar panel manufacturer MiaSole, which is also a member of the Hanergy family, released its Next Generation Flexible ultra-light solar technology. The new technology enables flexible and high-efficiency thin-film solar panels for various applications. Visitors can check the new product face to face at MiaSole’s booth at this year’s Solar Power International exhibition.

MiaSole’s Next Generation Flexible technology delivers significantly higher levels of efficiency -- up to 17% efficient. The next-gen solar panels are ultra-lightweight and flexible so they are applicable to various styles of PV systems and a wide range of markets. For prompting the new technology, MiaSolé is ushering in the "solar anywhere" movement, as it can be installed in such a wide array of locations and applications.

The company is already developing partnerships, such as McElroy Metal, to create new types of roofing and other Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products with solar power integrated into them.

"Our new flexible ultra-light solar solution is bringing to light the next generation of flexible solar technology that overcome most obstacles to solar energy adoption. It will truly put solar panels wherever the sun shines," said Anil Vijayendran, Vice President of Product Sales and Marketing at MiaSolé. "Our thin-film solar technology has made a generational shift compared to previous limitations of rigid glass panels, and has reached a new level of efficiency and adaptability. This is especially important for installing solar on the roofs of buildings – our flexible solar technology is 4x lighter than standard glass panels, which helps solve one of the biggest challenge for integrating solar into roofing structures, which is the weight of the solar panels."

(Photo source: MiaSole)

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