In Depth:The EU CRMA and NZIA Acts

published 2024 年 06 月 17 日 17:44
The European Commission published the European Critical Raw Materials Act to come into force in early May 2024.1 The CRMA is the first of its kind in Europe. In order to diversify external supply from outside the EU and reduce the...  more

Yunnan's first 5GW HJT solar cell manufacturing plant completed

published 2024 年 06 月 12 日 17:59
On June 6, the first 5GW high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell manufacturing plant in Yunnan constructed by China Construction Engineering Corporation (CECC) Yunnan Branch - Huasun Dali High-Efficiency Heterojunction Cells and...  more

Solarwatt to Cease German Battery Production and Shift to Asia

published 2024 年 06 月 03 日 17:02
According to foreign media reports, German photovoltaic module manufacturer Solarwatt recently announced that it will cease its battery production in Germany by the end of this year and shift all battery and solar module productio...  more

Silver Paste Innovations and Cost Reductions Propel HJT Forward

published 2024 年 05 月 29 日 18:02
In 2024, enhancing the efficiency of HJT technology has become a more urgent task than cost reduction, particularly in the context of the rapid power increase driven by TOPCon technology. HJT needs to achieve an approximately 30-w...  more

0BB is expected to be used in scale bidding in H2 in 2024

published 2024 年 05 月 21 日 16:28
(1) 0BB is used in HJT at a faster rate. At present, Huasun and RisenEnergy are making faster progress. (1) Mass production: Huasun signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Maxwell on September 16, 2023. According t...  more

Leascend signed important contracts with Guosheng Shi'an

published 2024 年 03 月 21 日 16:19
On March 19, Leascend announced that its subsidiary Meishan Leascend Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. and the holding subsidiaries of Guosheng Shian Technology Co., Ltd. signed important contracts. According to the contract, Meis...  more