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MONOCRYSTAL Unveils Paste Solution for PERC Technology

published: 2016-12-13 16:13

Monocrystal, a supplier of PV metallization pastes and synthetic sapphire, announced the launch of its new MY-555 cost-saving back-side silver metallization paste for Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) solar cells.

MY-555 was specially developed to meet the demand for product with efficient balance of silver content and paste consumption. 55% silver content along with 6% lower consumption per wafer allow 10-15% cost of ownership reduction. Moreover, MY-555 provides up to 50% higher adhesion resulting in enhanced production yields which also contributes to cell and module reliability.

“Our new paste is perfectly compatible with Monocrystal’s EFX-series back-side aluminum PERC pastes. Monocrystal’s PERC package allows customers to boost efficiency gain up to 0.18%. MY-555 does not penetrate the passivation layer and better protects the emitter during metallization process. We see the growing demand for PERC products and it is our strategic initiative to focus on PERC R&D. We are committed to further support our customers with cutting-edge solutions”, commented Evgeny Zemlyanukhin, Sales Director of Monocrystal Pastes Division.

(Photo Credit: Monocrystal)

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