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Narada Completes China’s First Commercialized Energy Storage System

published: 2017-01-11 18:50

A large-scale Energy Storage System (1st Phase: 1.5MW/12MWh), designed and constructed by Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. for GCL Silicon has successfully been put into service. It is the first commercialized Energy Storage System (ESS) in China.

In this project, Narada has acted as an EPC to provide overall design, procurement, construction and system integration service, and has also been engaged to provide a series of services including electricity consumption management, operation and maintenance afterwards. The completion of this project marked that Narada has the leading position in commercialization of ESS.

ESS is one of the key technologies applies to Smart Grid, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy Integration, Micro-grid, as well as development of Electric Vehicles. It is applied to generation, T&D and "behind-the-meter" sides to provide services such as peak-shaving, frequency control, electricity supply reliability improvement, etc. Especially, ESS has largely improved the acceptance ability of renewables integration, and it has facilitated renewables development and utilization intensively.

Being the leader in ESS industry, Narada has made a quantum leap in Lithium Ion technology, Lead Carbon technology, ESS solution innovation and marketing development. By the end of 2016, Narada has already completed and contracted ESS for over 800MWh, and mainly applied to peak-shaving, frequency regulation, and renewable energy integration. Projects are deployed all over world, such as China, India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

Besides the first commercialized ESS, Narada is now working on the largest ESS for industrial park in China, with total capacity 15MW/120MWh. Meanwhile, Narada also provides ESS for frequency regulation for both solar farm in Canada and Indian national grid.

The president of Narada, has shown great confidence in smart energy especially ESS, commenting: "In future, on the basis of continuous reduction of cost per kWh, Narada will keep carrying forward the novel business model 'Investment + Operation' in ESS commercialization, and will contribute to sustainable development of energy for the whole world by continuous innovation, technology improvement, and commercialization of smart energy."

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