Meyer Burger Partners PV Nano Cell for Enhancing Technology Related to PV Cells

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PV Nano Cell, a producer of single-crystal, metal nanometric based conductive digital inks, announced that they are cooperating with Meyer Burger, a global technology company specializing in innovative electronics systems and processes, including inkjet printing technology. PV Nano Cell's Sicrys™ silver and copper inks will be used with Meyer Burger's PiXDRO JETx printers for high volume production applications specifically in the fields of semiconductors, packaging, and the metallization of solar cells with additional plans to expand in other segments in the future.

"We are excited to be working with Meyer Burger on several projects utilizing their innovative inkjet printers and our specialized conductive inks for industrial uses. This mutually beneficial relationship may offer PV Nano Cell global reach through Meyer Burger's established sales team and existing customer base," said Dr. Fernando de la Vega, CEO of PV Nano Cell. "The recent launch of our Sicrys™ copper conductive inks has been a wonderful addition to our already in-demand portfolio of silver conductive inks, and now, we are able to offer our customers a complete solution from world leading ink and equipment suppliers."

The companies will collaborate on several projects in an effort to enhance the adoption of additive digital printing of conductive materials in the mass production of electronics. "PV Nano Cell's advanced line of conductive inks offers our customers added benefits when using the PiXDRO systems and applications," said Mr. Henk Goossens, Manager of Marketing & Business Development at Meyer Burger (Netherlands). "We believe that the advancements PV Nano Cell is making in the conductive inks market and the application specific adaptations it provides will bring great value to our customers. The advanced ink manufacturing capabilities of PV Nano Cell and its pioneering activities in copper inks support our efforts to offer cutting-edge, cost-effective and reliable inkjet solutions to the market."

With the recent expansion of Meyer Burger's portfolio of advanced JETx production printers, the company serves printed electronics applications in the solar, display, semiconductor, printed circuit board and wearables industries.

(Photo Source: PV Nano Cells' Facebook page)

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