Stem Selected to Provide Intelligent Energy Storage Services for University

published: 2017-05-17 16:08 | editor: | category: News

California State University (CSU) Dominguez Hills selected Stem, Inc., provider of intelligent energy storage, after a thorough evaluation of multiple providers to deliver software-driven energy storage services and reduce the university’s energy costs.

“We are excited about our partnership with Stem in executing this project to deliver real savings for the campus, at an especially important time to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint and control our energy costs,” said Ken Seeton, Central Plant Manager and Energy Manager of CSU Dominguez Hills. “We plan to shift these energy cost savings to better use elsewhere in our services to our students.”

The CSU Dominguez Hills campus is one of early adopters of innovative technology and one of the leaders in sustainability in the CSU system. Stem is moving forward with construction on a 1 MW, 4.2MWh storage system to be housed on campus in Carson, California. Combined with an existing Stem storage system at this CSU location, the project will total 2 MW and 6.2MWh. The storage systems will eventually be paired with solar to maximize clean energy generation and enhance the campus’ onsite sustainability plans.

The storage system Stem is operating for CSU will join a network that acts as a “Virtual Power Plant,” delivering flexible capacity for the local utility to help respond to increasingly variable solar generation after the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in the highly-congested West Los Angeles Basin. Stem made history in the fall of 2014 when it was awarded this 85MW contract—the largest for any behind-the-meter energy storage provider.

“CSU Dominguez Hills is another example of a higher education leader who seeks Stem’s automated energy savings while also contributing to more intelligent grid solutions,” said John Carrington, CEO of Stem. “California’s universities and colleges want energy storage to help them control their energy choices, play a strong role in their community, and help transition the state to even higher amounts of renewable energy.”

Stem has provided, or selected to provide, several sets of intelligent energy storage systems for higher education sites, including Soka University, Whittier University, the College of Marin, and many others.

Stem is building and operating the largest digitally-connected energy storage network and using world-class analytics to optimize the value of customers’ energy assets to deliver grid services. The company pairs intelligent software with energy storage to learn building load patterns and shift energy use away from the most expensive times. The company has established over 120MWh of commercial-scale energy storage systems across more than 600 locations.

(Photo Courtesy to Stem)

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