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GES Sells a Large-scale PV Power Station in Fukushima via Open Bidding

published: 2017-07-10 11:38

General Energy Solutions (GES), a PV power system firm under the auspices of Neo Solar Power (NSP), reported on July 5 that it successfully sold a 14.68MW PV power station in Fukushima of Japan on June 28, the first such transaction carried out by a Taiwanese company ever. The transaction was made by GES selling out 100% stake in a Japanese subsidiary to the buyer of the PV power station.

GES pointed out that the PV power station, whose construction started in Oct. 2015, was connected to the local power grid for power generation, or COD (commercial operations date), in March this year, with the GES team handling entire works of the project, including project development, design and planning, and construction. The transaction underscores GES's remarkable business development capability and its vertically integrated capability for international PV power projects.

After the sale, GES still owns two PV power stations in operation in Japan, one in Wakayama and the other in Ibraki, with another one in Fukutsu now under construction. GES pointed out that with rosy outlook for Japan's PV power market, the company will invest even more resources and manpower in this field, adding that it has some projects totaling 100MW in capacity under development, 50MW of which will completed by the end of 2018.

GES noted the open bidding for the Fukushima PV power station attracted many international bidders, thanks to complete terrain and ample sunshine of the site, and the winner was a Canadian clean-energy firm, which owns PV power stations totaling near 2GW in capacity worldwide, mainly in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, and India. In addition to the transaction, which underscores the rosy outlook of the Japanese PV power market, the Canadian company will continue its cooperation with GES in tapping PV power markets worldwide, so as to achieve a win-win outcome for both parties. 

(Article source: Money DJ; translated by Janet Chen. photo: courtesy of GES)

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