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GCL、Canadian Solar、Jinko、JA、Heraeus、Sumec、Rietech、Talesun、CECEP Will Attend 2nd Diamond Wire Sawing and Black Silicon Technology Forum 2017 to Discuss DWS & Black Silicon Industrialization Progress

Based on the advantages of low silicon consumption per unit capacity, high cutting efficiency, low auxiliary material cost and cutting thin silicon wafers, diamond wire sawing(DWS) mono-Si wafer has basically replaced the traditional slurry sawing technology, greatly enhancing the cost competitiveness of mono-Si wafer, and mono-Si solar cell market share rose to more than 25% in 2016. In such a case, multi-Si wafer industry is also making effort to promote upgrading from slurry sawing process to DWS.


DWS multi-Si wafer is mainly faced with problems of broken lines and texturing difficulty. Diamond wire preparation and application optimization can effectively reduce the risk of broken lines caused by ingot crystal hard spot. Texturing additive technology, black silicon technology or pretreatment technology can optimize the light trapping effect, effectively solve high reflectivity and texturing difficulty of DWS multi wafers.


DWS multi-Si wafer texturing additive technology does not change the original equipment, increase the special additives, reduce the reflectivity to close to the conventional level. Black silicon technology can optimize light trapping effect to improve multi-Si solar cells efficiency. Black silicon technologies include dry method and wet method, both have their advantages. The two methods have been achieved mass production, and can further upgrade optimization.


The popularity of DWS multi-Si wafer and black silicon will once again widen the cost gap of multi-Si and mono-Si wafer, and the combination of black silicon with PERC, SE, MWT can further improve the efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of multi-Si solar cells. It is expected that PV market’s continuous requirements for cost reduction and efficiency improvement of cells and modules will bring good market opportunities for DWS and black silicon technology.


2nd Diamond Wire Sawing and Black Silicon Technology Forum 2017gold sponsored byHeraeus Photovoltaicwill be held on 18-19 September in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Experts fromGCLCanadian SolarJinkoJAHeraeusSumecRietechTalesunCECEPSoltriumJBAO/MdwecRuizhong Environmental1366TranscomIMECASwill attend the meeting and make important presentations, to discuss DWS & Black Silicon Industrialization Progress.


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