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GCL Energy Storage Technology's Kunshan Factory Commences Operations

published: 2024-05-31 16:22

On May 27, the inauguration ceremony of GCL Energy Storage Technology's Kunshan factory was held at Kunshan Pingqian International Modern Industrial Park. The project is primarily responsible for the planning, R&D, introduction, testing, daily production, and management of home storage, industrial and commercial storage, container storage, and communication base station storage products. The facility covers an area of approximately 7,466 square meters and, upon full production, will achieve an annual capacity of 2.5 GWh for household, industrial, commercial, and large-scale energy storage systems.

The official operation of the Kunshan factory marks a key step in GCL Integration's strategy of coordinating photovoltaic and energy storage systems and creating a multi-faceted, in-depth integrated layout. GCL Integration now has a complete pathway for the R&D and product integration of its own large-scale and industrial-commercial energy storage key terminal equipment.

In response to the growing demand for energy storage and peak regulation in the power grid, energy storage, as a crucial component of renewable energy, plays a significant role in enhancing the stability and reliability of power systems. New energy storage is increasingly becoming key to building new energy and power systems in China, with the industry reaching a trillion-yuan scale.

To seize the development opportunities in new energy storage, GCL Integration adjusted its energy storage business strategy in 2023, setting a dual approach of product R&D and market development, advancing both domestic and overseas markets. The company achieved a project reserve exceeding 1 GWh for the year.

As of now, GCL Integration's energy storage products have received 26 international certifications and have successfully entered mainstream markets such as Germany, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Serbia.

GCL Integration has provided mature solutions for over 8 GWh to various global industrial, grid, commercial, governmental, and public utility entities. Their project experience encompasses generation-side, grid-side, and user-side applications, with cumulative shipments and operational storage exceeding 2.5 GWh.

In the future, the Kunshan factory will leverage advanced new energy systems and power R&D platforms, using new chemical batteries as the energy carrier and adopting independently developed software and hardware integrated operation modes. The products will comprehensively cover source, grid, and user-side functional requirements and will be flexibly applicable to power plants, factories, parks, deserts, and islands. The factory aims to contribute more GCL wisdom and innovative solutions to the global energy transition.

Source: GCL Energy

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