Kia to Demonstrate All-Electric Concept Car at CES 2018

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The automotive industry has taken an increasing share of the show floor space at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in recent years, as more car makers decide to set up exhibition booths in one of the world’s largest trade shows to get maximum exposure. Because of the rapid pace of technological progress, concept cars are no longer prototypes that can only be mass produced in the far future. In fact, many of the model vehicles that are shown in events such as this year’s CES will soon become available for consumers.

South Korean auto maker Kia Motors Corp. has announced that the company will present Niro, its latest all-electric concept car, at CES 2018. While there are similar electrical vehicle (EV) series, Niro boasts some of the most unique automotive technologies in addition to the all-electric powertrain design. These solutions include an all-new human-machine interface system and a “motion graphic” lighting system. With the reveal of Niro, Kia is formally announcing its intention to stake a claim in the fast-growing EV market.

Besides showcasing a new concept EV, Kia is using CES as a platform to present the company’s vision for the future of transportation – a future, as the company’s slogan says, that is “beyond autonomous driving.” Kia’s exhibition therefore include various prototype models that allow visitors to imagine what self-driving cars would look like outside and what innovative technologies would be inside such vehicles.

Dr. Woong-chul Yang, Vice Chairman and Head of Kia R&D Center, said that rapid advances in various technology fields have dispelled the assumption that autonomous driving, virtual reality, and connected vehicles would only be available in the very distant future. Yang added that Kia is looking at ways on how to bring these technologies to drivers. With regard to the CES, Yang said that his team will be sharing their vision and strategy for the future as well as demonstrating to consumers the many possible ways to use Kia’s innovative automotive solutions.

Numerous established players and startups in the automotive industry have rented showroom space at CES 2018 to reveal their products and strategies. Besides unveilings of concept vehicles and demonstrations of technologies, auto makers are expected to publicize some of upcoming vehicle models that are ready for mass production.

 (This article is an English translation of news content provided by EnergyTrend’s media partner TechNews. Photos are from Kia Motors Corp.)

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