CMC Delivers Electric Motorcycles to Chunghwa Post

published: 2018-01-19 13:39 | editor: | category: News

In line with the government's policy banning fuel-oil motorcycles by 2035, Chunghwa Post has taken delivery of 1,627 heavy-duty electric motorcycles, dubbed "emoving Post," from China Motor Corp.

CMC points out that "emoving Post" is custom-made, featuring a bag resembling a saddle, as well as a framed base for mail box, hung on the rear seat. With load topping 280 kilos, the vehicle can easily climb a 17-degree slope, manifesting its strong torsional force, plus low noise. It can easily navigate every nook and cranny of a town, thanks to its GPS system, which can also alert riding postmen, in case of abnormal road status.

Chunghwa Post notes that in addition to reducing CO2 emission by 9 million kilos over five years, the deal can save NT$125 million in cost during the period, as 1,000 of those vehicles are leased, at NT$148,000 each for five years, including five years or 80,000 kilometers of warranty for the vehicle and battery, on top of free maintenance and repair, roadside assistance, mandatory insurance, and car-collision insurance, plus a charging device each vehicle.

The vehicles are furnished with a high-performance motor, with maximum 5.63 hp, and boast high energy performance, thanks to ECO energy-conserving driving mode and large-capacity 40 Ah battery, giving emoving Post 60 km in cruise range. The large-scale side leg facilitates carrying of the vehicle and avoid tipping of the vehicle in parking, especially in case of heavy load.

Commissioned by CMC, Fortune Motors, general dealer, will offer maintenance and logistics service to the vehicles at its 75 maintenance/repair outlets in Taiwan and offshore islands.

(Photo credit: Chunghwa Post)       

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