PV Power Outlook Remains Promising: Green Energy

published: 2018-07-03 16:26 | editor: | category: News

Despite its red ink in 2017, Green Energy Technology, a PV chip supplier, still harbors a rosy outlook of the PV industry, as it plans to embrace three strategies to penetrate the market further, which is faced with a major shakeout following removal of subsidies by the Chinese government, according Lin Shih-yuan, president of the company.

At its shareholders' meeting on June 26, Lin explained that the three strategies are strategic alliance with competitive polysilicon suppliers; manufacturing automation, including crystal growth and crystal slicing, which will cut manpower by 70%, enabling the company to transfer excess manpower to module factory, a plan scheduled for implementation next year, at earliest; and upgrading to 59-micron DWS (diamond-wire slicing) technology, from 65 micron now. The company has found quality local bare-wire suppliers and will join hands with them securing business opportunities related to the A+ plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Lin revealed that the company is in talks with upstream polysilicon suppliers for price cut and is improving the yield rate of its process and boosting exports. He expected that the company's business will score an upturn in Q3. In addition, it will join hands with parent company Tatung and subsidiary Gintung Energy in tapping domestic and overseas markets for PV power systems.

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