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Joint Venture of Malaysian and Taiwan-Based Solar Companies Poised to Enter PV Power Plant Market

published: 2018-07-24 10:23

Taiwan’s J&V Technology Co. Ltd. and Malaysian Solar Resources Sdn Bhd (MSR) officially announced the formation of their joint venture J&M Inc. on 18 July at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new office of the newly created entity. Both J&V and MSR are major players in the solar industry of respective countries, and they have decided to collaborate in the development of solar power plants in Taiwan. To address challenging issues surrounding the phase-out of nuclear power on the island, Taiwan’s government has begun investing heavily in the renewable energy sector. As a result, solar companies worldwide have flocked to Taiwan’s solar market on account of its steady growth and positive outlook.

Datuk Dr. Ting Chung Cheng, the honorary president of Taipei Investors’ Association in Malaysia, was present at the ribbon cutting ceremony with Johnny Chang, the founder and chairman of J&V. Ting’s efforts have been instrumental in the successful establishment of this joint venture, which also represents the first Malaysian investment in Taiwan’s solar market. Together, MSR and J&V will be able to significantly expand their presence in this competitive industry.

At the event, Chang said that he is very optimistic about Taiwan’s solar market in terms of growth and investment returns. Because of the bright prospect of the domestic market, the focus of J&V’s operation for this year is on the development of power plant projects. At the same time, J&V recognizes that an increasing number of foreign companies are interested in entering Taiwan’s renewable energy sector and are setting up shops on the island. After six months of careful planning, J&V has sealed a joint venture deal with MSR. The new entity J&M is the first solar joint venture between investors from Taiwan and Malaysia. It will initially engage in the development of PV power plants, training of industry professionals, and management of funds for investing in solar projects.

J&V’s partner MSR is one of the pioneers in the Malaysia’s solar industry. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, MSR has built up three core businesses: manufacturing and sale of PV modules; EPC services; and investing in solar and renewable energy projects. MSR’s module factory is located in Gambang, a town in the state of Pahang (in the eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia). With the support from this production base, MSR is working with clients worldwide to provide and deploy PV systems for different applications, such as ground-mounted power stations, rooftop panels, and building-integrated photovoltaics. Since its founding, MSR has achieved excellent records in major regional markets, including Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Chang stated J&V’s energy businesses will revolve around the three pillars of “project site development,” “power plant ownership,” and “operation and maintenance.” Furthermore, the company has devised a unique one-stop strategy that assists clients in completing their projects. The joint venture J&M will leverage MSR’s experiences in overseas markets to pursue the development, investment (and referral marketing), and acquisition or sale of solar power plants at home and abroad. With regard to its long-term goal, J&V intends to use its integration capability and resources, including its network of industry talents, to become one of the most complete service providers in Taiwan’s solar market.

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