Streamlined Application Procedure Will Facilitate Renewable-Energy Investments

published: 2018-09-14 11:07 | editor: | category: News

A complete application procedure for investments in renewable energy has been put in place, which, in combination with the setup of a coordinated screening operation, establishment of exemplary private green-power devices in remote areas and funding arrangement, will speed up installation of PV power devices, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

Coordinated window for screening applications

In order to shorten the time for screening investment applications for PV power, the MOEA has commissioned nine municipal governments to screen the applications instantly, in collaboration with state-run Taiwan Power Company. The objective is to complete the screening work within 36 days for projects with capacities below 100 kW or 60 days for those exceeding 100 kW in capacities, which need on-site inspection. In practice, the objective has been achieved, as screening time for projects with capacities below 100 kW reached only 32-36 days in the first half this year, compared with 36-45 days for over 100 kW projects, which need on-site inspection. The MOEA intends to simplify the procedure further.

People can access the "single service window for PV power," inquiring about related laws/regulations and other issues and obtaining the latest related information on the website.

Exemplary private green-power devices in remote areas

The MOEA has formulated "measures governing setup of exemplary private green-power devices in remote areas," offering initial funding support to investors in such facilities.

The MOEA stressed that green energy lies at the heart of the nation's energy policy, adding that the government is determined to reach the medium and long-term goal raising the share of green power to 20%.

(Source of information: the MOEA, first photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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