NGP Forges the Largest Commercial Rooftop PV System in Taiwan

published: 2018-10-04 9:36 | editor: | category: News

NGP, an energy firm, has joined hands with Yungtai Enterprise, an electromechanical firm, in forging the rooftop PV power system of Mitsui Outlet Park in Taichung Harbor, scheduled for inauguration on Dec. 12, 2018.

NGP will be in charge of installing rooftop PV devices on the buildings of the facility, plus those at parking lots, while Yungtai will handle electromechanical works. The PV devices are part of the design of the facility, giving it a complete good look, an unprecedented arrangement in Taiwan, since all existing rooftop PV devices on the island were installed on existing buildings.

A renowned PV power system builder with the track record of domestic and overseas cases, NGP has landed many major projects in Taiwan in recent years, including a floating PV power device in Yungan flood retention basin, the largest such device in Taiwan so far, a ground-mounted PV power station in Taichung landfill, and a thin-film rooftop PV power device, the largest in Asia, in addition to many PV power stations in Japan. In total, it has built dozens of PV power stations so far, reason why it was chosen as the sold EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) firm for the PV power facilities of Mitsui Outlet Park.

Yungtai forays into PV power market

NGP has doubled down on its success in the case by having its subsidiary Yungtai become the general contractor for the electromechanical works of Mitsui Outlet Park. "The integration of PV power system into the electromechanical design of the facility from the outset is unprecedented, not only avoiding possible incompatibility between the building and the PV system but also assuring a complete good outlook of the facility," remarks Ho Tsung-lun, vice general manager of Yungtai.

NGP aspires to forge green hope in Taichung

Tang Meng-han, NGP chairman, points out that "The incorporation of PV power system into the design of the facility from the outset involves a very complicated task, covering electromechanical works, pipe burying, architectural design, and civil engineering. As a leading PV system firm, what we focus on is engineering quality and we hope the project can become a green-energy guidepost for Taichung."

(Photo shows the rooftop PV power device on a factory in Suao of Yilan County, courtesy of NGP)   

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