MPS Rolls Out New Battery Module for E-Bike

published: 2018-11-06 13:18 | editor: | category: News

MPS Energy, a subsidiary of Acer Group, has rolled out safe smart battery modules for electric bicycles, in order to tap the huge potential of the e-bike markets whose scales have been expanding at double-digit rate annually in many countries in recent years.

MPS points out that there are three models for the battery module, to be installed on rear frame or hidden in lower pipe or slanting pile. It has passed ISO 13849 safety certification, one step ahead of rival products, and conformed to EN 15194:2017, the EU's latest e-bike standard.

Chang Jui-chuan, general manager of MPS, notes that with prevalence of electronic products in society nowadays, battery safety has become a common critical issue, prompting the company to develop the module with high safety. In addition, says Chang, the module is a smart one, as it is furnished with APP capable of having a firm grip on battery status and recording riding information. In recent years, lightweight electric vehicles have been popularizing rapidly worldwide, including, in addition to electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric wheelchairs for the elderly and the disabled.   

The battery module boasts topnotch safety specifications, as attested by the passage of Taiwan's CNS 15387, ISO 13849, and EN 15194: 2017, paving the way for its inroads into the fast growing e-bike market in Europe. It has a mechanism warding off the damage of abnormal voltage, electric current, and temperature, as well as a anti-splash and -dust design. 

The company points out that the unique smart communications device in the battery module enables riders to have a real-time grasp, via mobile-phone APP, of the battery status, including capacity, voltage, charging time, and warranty time, in addition to displaying malfunction code to facilitate pinpointing the cause. It also has the function of smart meter, capable of recording riding speed, position, and riding time. In addition, the APP offers integrated multiple services, to meet customers' various needs, including usage, renting, and sharing.

MPS notes that the company can offer customized battery modules,  meeting the different demands of customers in appearance and function, plus multiple battery cells with different capacities for choice. It owes the capability to Taiwan's complete bicycle supply chain, enabling it to develop products according to customer needs flexibly.

(First photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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