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VIA Deploys in Internet of Vehicles

published: 2019-05-02 9:44

VIA Technologies was granted "IoV Technology Innovation Award" for its Mobile 360 smart driving development platform on April 2 during the China International Automotive Technology Expo 2019, held in Shanghai April 2-3.  

 Richard Brown, VIA vice president for global marketing, receives award.

 Tan Chengtao, superintendent of VIA China, speaks at the expo.

Richard Brown, VIA vice president for global marketing, pointed out that the Mobile 360 smart driving development platform offers modularized products and services for use by customers in developing autonomous driving technology.

With a high-performance AI chip as computing core, the platform consists of hardware, algorithm, software, and cameras, including reinforced in-car system, core module, and in-car cameras, plus deep learning-based algorithms, such as sensor integration, image recognition, real-time image stitching, biological recognition, and route monitoring, facilitating upper-level algorithm for autonomous driving and mold building.

In addition, VIA has developed various in-car application software, such as ADAS (advanced driving assistance system), around-view surveillance, driver monitoring, license-plate recognition, and fleet management, for rapid customized applications by customers.

Tan Chengtao, superintendent of VIA China, noted that the company has zeroed in on the autonomous driving markets for special-purpose vehicles, such as logistics delivery cars, street cleaning cars, and agriculture machinery, rather than common passenger cars, as the former is more suitable for application of autonomous driving technology, thanks to more fixed driving routes and longer driving time.

 VIA booth

Richard Brown remarked that given the huge potential for 5G application, the company will spare no effort tapping the 5G + IoV sector, adding that China is now at the forefront in the development of IoV technology worldwide.

(Written by Terri, EnergyTrend)

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