North European Energy Solutions to Help Taiwanese Firms Attain Energy Transformation

published: 2019-11-25 11:29 | editor: | category: News

In its strenuous effort to attain energy transformation, Taiwan can borrow a page from the North European countries, which have already made a remarkable achievement in renewable energy. Their progresses can be seen in the “North European Sustainable Energy and Environment Forum,” which was held in Taipei on November 14.

The developments and progresses of these countries will be helpful to the improvements of Taiwan’s technological innovations, and can help to boost Taiwan’s presence in the global supply chain, according Taiwan’s deputy minister of economics, Tseng Wen-sheng.

Many energy-related firms from the region, including those from Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, have exhibited their sustainable energy solutions at the forum. The forum was jointly held by the Swedish Trade & Invest Council in Taipei, the Finland Trade Center in Taiwan, and the Trade Council of Denmark.

The exhibitors from these countries are all looking to tap into Taiwan’s substantial market potential in the green energy sectors. To promote its green energy development, the government is looking to put forth a 10 GW target for its offshore wind power in 10 years.

The energy forum can help to shed light on the approach and model for Taiwan’s energy transformation. This includes the revision of its related legislations and regulations, its technological renovation, and its corporate management. With a new approach, the government will be able to lessen its current reliance on imported energy, which accounts for approximately 98% of its local needs, according to Tseng.

According to Chuipin Chiu, the president of the Finnish renewable energy firm Wartsila, it is important for Taiwan to maintain the operations of its fossil fuel-fired power facilities, in order to cope with the potential instability of renewable energy systems.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, photo courtesy of TechNews)


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