AUO Arranges Renewable Energy Industry by Joining Hands with Strategic Partners and Establishing Diversified Solutions

published: 2020-10-20 18:30 | editor: | category: News

In order to establish a green and low carbon home, as well as achieve sustainable operation, AUO is dedicated to propelling renewable energy solutions through strategies such as the integration of resources and partner collaboration, construction of high performance products and modules, careful selection of diversified product mixes, and smart operations. Its goal is to create win-win situations for the government, industry, and public.

AUO has already joined hands with renowned local manufacturers on creating green energy, including the 15MW solar power generation system at the Chimei Green Energy Park based on the symbiosis concept of tree and electricity with Chimei Corporation, as well as the total installed capacity of 13MW from the rooftop solar plants at the 7 factories of Yong Feng Yu Inc. in Taiwan. AUO also plans to install photovoltaic systems on the rooftop of the factories of FamilyMart in northern, central, and southern Taiwan.

AUO has recently also developed diversified products and services through the integration of resources, which are able to satisfy the needs of various phases of power plant construction, including planning, establishment, and maintenance, as well as optimize the efficiency in the maintenance operations of the power plant through the cloud monitoring solution of smart AI operation and maintenance. AUO also provides products and services that are required by various categories of solar sites, including inverters, connectors, cables, and hot dip galvanize, which satisfy the needs of clients in an integrated manner.

In addition, AUO continues to develop highly reliable and high performance module solutions that are highly resistant to humidity, salt spray, and gale according to the needs of various types of power plants. Among these, the 60-unit mono-Si PERC multi-busbar half cut cell module was recognized by “Taiwan Excellent PV” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2020 for its advantages of being a high performance and weather resistance module, and is able to achieve 360W for the highest wattage. AUO is also developing a 72-unit 6 inches mono-Si PERC multi-busbar half cut high performance bifacial module, where not only the front cell is able to absorb sunlight, but the rear module can also absorb ground reflective light and diffuse reflection, which substantially elevates the efficiency of solar power generation.

In order to respond to the idea of national participation in renewable energy, AUO has formed an alliance with the national power plant platform Sunnyfounder and commenced a collaboration that is based on the establishment of 10MWp solar power plants each year through their professional capabilities in high performance solar module products, construction engineering of power plants, as well as operation and maintenance. It is expected to attract 30K participants each year, which not only actuates national participation in renewable energy and co-create revenue in green electricity, but also combines AUO’s professional competence and corporate social responsibility, and supports the sustainable development of the environment with concrete actions. In addition, AUO has further worked with companies including Taiwan Life Insurance and Fubon Life Insurance on a joint venture of Hsingyao Energy. By combining the prolonged and stable funds of the life insurance industry, they are dedicated to establishing a platform of green electricity for sustainable operation.

 (Cover photo source: AUO)

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