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Tesla’s AU Energy Storage Base Still Burning After 4 Days

published: 2021-08-04 9:30

The fire incident from Tesla’s Megapack in Victoria, Australia on July 30th has entered its 4th consecutive day of combustion. Fire Rescue Victoria mentioned in its statement today that the fire has been significantly subsided, though not yet completely controlled.

Bloomberg reported that the government has been exerting everything on suppressing the fire derived from the Megapack on July 30th. Ian Beswicke, CFA Operations Officer, commented that the fire broke out from a battery unit, before rapidly spreading to the second unit that is nearby.

The facility where the fire started is named the Victorian Big Battery, and is operated by French energy business Neoen, with Tesla batteries adopted. The battery storage facility has a capacity of 300MW/450MWh, and serves as the current largest battery energy storage project in the world.

Amidst the constantly expanding scale in battery energy storage establishment, the battery technology of Tesla has been applied on multiple public projects in Australia in order to store excessive electricity from wind and solar power generation, and provide power to the grid during scarcity.

 (Cover photo source: Neoen)

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