ITRI Cooperates with URE and San Fang to Develop Easy-to-Dismantle PV Modules

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In recent years, the Taiwanese government has strived to promote solar energy and develop strategies for recycling on PV modules after being decommissioned, aiming to reduce their environmental impact and make the solar industry sustainable. The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has cooperated with United Renewable Energy (URE) and San Fang Chemical Industry to develop easy-to-disassemble PV modules.

Unlike traditional packaging, design for disassembly, as the ITRI specifies, helps improve PV module recycling. With such technology, the institute intends to create new business opportunities for decommissioned PV equipment and further strengthen the competiveness of the Taiwanese solar industry.

On September 16, the ITRI held a virtual international seminar on low-carbon PV modules (titled “Approaching to Green More: Easy-Dismantled PV Module”), during which the institute, San Fang Chemical and URE shared their experience in developing low-carbon PV modules. Jointly with the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), the attendants explored how to facilitate the development of innovative solar technologies and accelerate the establishment of a recyclable solar industry chain.

Yu-Ching Wu, development specialist of San Fang Chemical, specified that the frequent use and high waste volumes of PV panels have actually brought business opportunities to San Fang. The company has deepened cooperation with the ITRI to develop new materials and technologies, and continues partnering with PV module suppliers in Taiwan and abroad to accelerate verification and commercialization of composite packaging films that can easily be dismantled.  

James Chen, manager of URE, mentioned net-zero trends. By collaborating with the ITRI and San Fang Chemical, URE hopes to accelerate commercial verification and industrialization of easy-to-dismantle PV modules so that innovative PV modules with desirable cycle life can be produced.

Alex Y.M. Peng, Executive Vice President of ITRI, indicated that despite being a big challenge for the industry, reaching net-zero emissions is a turning point for green technologies. According to the institute, numerous businesses believe that easy-to-dismantle PV modules can solve the long-standing problem of PV panel waste. Specifically, the silicon chips and cover glass within a used easy-to-dismantle PV module can be completely recycled, hence its greater recycling value than traditional modules. In short, easy-to-dismantle PV modules can bring new opportunities to the solar industry with increasing popularity among businesses.

 (Source of first image: Unsplash)

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