Foxtron Demonstrates Its Results in Autonomous Driving Platform Research in Keelung in an Event Open to the General Public

published: 2021-10-12 10:04 | editor: | category: News

Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, jointly funded by Foxconn and Yulon, announced that the company will unveil for the first time the result of an investigation based on its self-designed autonomous driving open platform along with ITRI’s autonomous driving sensing system software, from October 8 to 11 in the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan. During this period, the company will provide the public with test driving experiences. Through this activity, Foxtron hopes to demonstrate the latest innovations in smart EVs by the domestic automotive industry chain and public research institutes.

Foxtron indicates that, historically, only startups relatively large in scale had resources to attempt the integration of autonomous driving systems with a corresponding platform. Smaller startups were limited to modifying existing vehicles, resulting in insufficient vehicular integration and vehicular reliability. Developing from traditional automotive platforms requires an average of two to three years from design to commercialization, substantially wasting both resource and time in the process.

Hence, the autonomous driving open platform is aimed at resolving the longstanding difficulty for traditional vehicles to obtain autonomous driving systems and the enormous costs involved in doing so. Foxconn’s EV strategy involves building an open platform for EV software/hardware development, in turn accelerating the development speed of EVs.

Through Foxtron’s self-designed open platform for autonomous driving technology, autonomous vehicles are able to perform such autonomous functions as following predetermined routes, automatically braking, stopping and starting, roadside parking, going around obstacles, and dynamically avoiding pedestrians even in relatively narrow streets. Through Foxtron’s experiential activities open to the public, those who are interested in autonomous vehicles will get to do so while simultaneously relaxing by enjoying the oceanic and mountainside sceneries at the Chaojing Park located in northeast Taiwan and experiencing the perfect combination of nature and technology.

Foxtron further explains that its self-designed open platform has the advantage of lowering automotive development time, since the autonomous vehicle supply chain needs to only focus developing technologies related to sensing, computing, and data transfers while ensuring compatibility with the open platform, in order for their vehicles to be roadworthy for system/application development, including partial or complete expansion and replacements for the autonomous driving system during the development phase. Through Foxtron’s open platform in collaboration with third-party partners, the company is able to produce results within a mere year, thus proving to the world the merits of an open ecosystem as well as driving forward the future optimizations for Foxtron’s next-gen platforms.

On the other hand, in accordance with Foxconn’s current EV strategy, the company will reveal more details regarding its self-designed “MIH platform” on Foxconn Technology Day on October 18.

 (Image: Foxtron)

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