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AUO Integrates BIPV Construction Materials Where Solar Panels Become Part of Building Façade

published: 2022-12-21 9:30

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) has become the target of low-carbon buildings in recent years amidst the development of the green energy industry and the rising awareness of decarbonization, and AUO will be announcing a series of integrated BIPV solutions at the Taipei Building Show accordingly.

As pointed out by AUO, the public is becoming more familiar with the construction of BIPV buildings after the national Development Council’s announcement on the net-zero and decarbonization roadmap. BIPV has a high reliable system, long lifespan, and does not require maintenance unlike traditional construction materials. It can also be autonomously used from its self-power provision, which helps with the global trends of energy conservation and decarbonization. Taiwan, due to restricted availability of land, is even more suited for development in BIPV.

AUO, as a result, will extend its development capability in solar power by engaging in construction applications with constant innovation, as well as providing BIPV solutions. The company first improves the installation method for corrugated PV panels by developing the SunSteel corrugated BIPV panels, which act as a modularized technology that integrate solar models and peak corrugated panels. This refinement helps to conserve utilization of system brackets, attains swift on-site installation, lowers construction cost, satisfies integrated structure and lightweight designs, as well as avoids secondary construction and applications for miscellaneous licenses.

In addition, AUO elevates module rigidity through a double glass structure, and a collocation with a special base and metal accessories, thus achieving rapid installations on balconies. The incorporation of lightweight module materials and optimization in structural design has accomplished fruition for the flexible and lightweight SunCurva module that is lowered in weight by 70%. By doing so, solar panels are no longer restricted on rooftops, and can become a part of the building façade.

 AUO’s integrated BIPV construction materials allow solar panels to become a part of the building façade without restrictions from rooftops. (Source: AUO)

Injecting New Momentum towards PV Construction Materials alongside BenQ Materials’ Smart Optical Film

AUO is also working with ecosystem partner BenQ Materials by rendering transparent and opaque glasses through switching of current by powering on and off, which not only attains energy conservation and consumption reduction through insulation and blocking of UV light, allowing comfortable light to enter the indoor environment, but is also excellent in privacy, and can be extensively applied in construction, businesses, residence, and medical institutions.

The Smart Capsule Office Solution released by AUO Display+, a subsidiary of AUO, adopts PDLC smart film and excellent soundproofing materials, allowing clients to convene any sorts of meetings and conferences at any time whilst ensuring information security.

 (Cover photo source: AUO)

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