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Tongwei Terra | Light Up Your Roof with the Perfect Black

published: 2023-02-16 17:21

The shingled panel adopts Thermal Laser Separation (TLS) technology that the whole cell is cut into several cell strips and interconnected using conductive adhesive to achieve flexible connection. This can optimize the solar panel structure and achieves zero cell spacing, which effectively increases the light-receiving area of the panel. Tongwei’s shingled panel has excelled in performance and earned the customers’ favor with its distinctively aesthetic appearance. The highly futuristic Terra Full-black is just what you need to make your roof unique.


Break through the traditional shackles and redefine “good appearance”

In the early days of commercial photovoltaics, polysilicon was primarily imported with short supply and high cost. In order to reduce the cost of panels and make full use of silicon material, the cell was made in the original shape of silicon ingots, namely the round shape we see. With the localization of silicon material and a lower cost thanks to technology, the price of silicon has basically achieved a balance with that of other packaging materials, and how to improve the packaging density and appearance of panels has become the hottest technical topic within the industry in recent years. With the first principles as a starting point and a belief that “simplicity is sophistication”, Tongwei independently designed and developed the shingled panels, which use cell slicing and stacking technology and innovatively adopt low-temperature adhesive for connection to achieve free of solder ribbons and joints and uniform in appearance.


With the perfect black, the shingled panel has never been so aesthetic

Tongwei Terra shingled panel enjoys advanced technologies such as no busbar, Thermal Laser Separation technology, low-temperature adhesive connection, and high-density layout. It also offers two colors of panel frame, black and silver, improving the appearance with detailed efforts. Giving full play to the no solder ribbon feature of shingled panels, the Terra 5K and Terra 5E full-black series adopt a full-black design of the black frame, back sheet, and busbar as well as aesthetic, dark panel glass to achieve perfect black, which realizes the excellent integration of the panel products with building roofs. Noble and elegant, high-efficiency and high-reliability, Tongwei Terra meets the needs of European customers in many ways and is popular in the high-end market of Europe.

Also, the lead content of panels with no-solder ribbon design is 60% lower than that of conventional panels. The high-density layout of power generation units brings panel products a higher screen ratio and higher power, a better answer to the European mainstream market’s high requirements of low carbon, environmental protection, and green recycling.


Perfect integration with building roofs and a design conforming with modern aesthetics

There are such towns in Europe that are serene and sequestered places retaining the original local flavor and are far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The elegant and unique buildings are equipped with Terra, which integrate into the building roofs like black tourmaline with a low-key and high-class aura. The charm of Europe exists not only in the bustling cities but also in the scattered small towns.

Tongwei Terra shingled panels are all designed from the perspective of architecture. With architectural aesthetic characteristics, they fully meet the buildings’ waterproof, windproof, fireproof, wind, and snow-resistant features and provide extra eco-friendly attributes to the buildings. Beautiful, compact, and efficient, they can integrate with Residential rooftops and fit into various shapes of Residential rooftops.



7.8KW Residential Rooftop Project in Spain 

10.53KW Residential Rooftop Project in Australia 

 20KW Residential Rooftop Project in Ukraine

Tongwei firmly believes that PV changes the world. Amid the climate of energy crisis worldwide and with the goal of global carbon neutrality ahead, the Terra series high-efficiency intelligent panel will bring the value of every ray of sunlight into full play and contribute its power. The Terra series is a brand-new attempt by Tongwei. With the perfect black appearance, Terra blends into building roofs with a low-key luxuriance. While ensuring the aesthetic effect, it also keeps an efficient and stable output. Let’s look forward to Tongwei high-efficiency and intelligent panels contributing more to the world’s green energy transformation!

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