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Wonder Solar to Invest RMB 1 Billion in 2GW Perovskite Cell Project

published: 2023-03-03 9:30

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A ceremony to mark the simultaneous initiation of several major industrial projects in China’s Hubei Province in 2023 was held recently in the New City Area of Wuhan. The venue of the event had a section dedicated to the Ezhou Ge Shop Economic and Technological Development Zone; and within this section there was a celebration of the start of a perovskite cell project. Notable attendees included the deputy mayor of Ezhou and the party committee secretary of the Ezhou Ge Shop Economic and Technological Development Zone. The perovskite cell project is being developed by Wonder Solar, a local company that supplies raw materials and pastes used in the manufacturing of PV products as well as PV cell arrays. This event was first reported by other Chinese renewable energy news websites.

According to the reporting by Chinese media, Wonder Solar aims to manufacture and promote new kinds of low-cost PV devices. The company is developing a printing-based manufacturing process that can build highly efficient and reliable PV devices with low-cost raw materials. The company said that such energy solutions can be used to support the production of green hydrogen. The perovskite cell project that the company has initiated spans an area of 97 mu and entails an investment of RMB 1 billion. The project will be developed in three phases. Once it is fully completed and enters operation, its fully ramped-up production capacity will reach at least level of 2,000MW (2GW) per year.

The perovskite cell project is expected to contribute to the acceleration of commercial applications for perovskite cells. It also aligns with China’s long-term strategy for the development of clean energy. Wonder Solar’s R&D efforts are touted to provide both the driving force behind innovations and the security of China’s possession of key energy technologies. A representative of Wonder Solar said the company’s operations link up several districts of Wuhan and Ezhou in terms academic research and industrial development. The company’s R&D activities take place in the Guanggu District, and the technologies resulting from R&D are then transferred to its facilities in the Liangzihu District for further improvements. As for the manufacturing operation, it is located in the Ge Shop Economic and Development Zone. All in all, the company is keeping its businesses within Wuhan (i.e. the New City Area) and Ezhou.

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