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Ørsted Partners with TCC for Onshore Substation Contract

published: 2023-04-26 9:30

Ørsted announced on the 27th that it has signed a contract with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation (TCC) to construct a 920 MW onshore substation for the second phase of the Greater Changhua South West and North West offshore wind farms.

This contract marks another significant milestone following Ørsted’s final investment decision for the second phase of the Greater Changhua South West and North West offshore wind farms last month. Star Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCC, will be responsible for carrying out the engineering, procurement, and construction of the onshore substation and transmission system.

The comprehensive contract for the onshore substation includes the use of precast construction methods for the main substation building to enhance quality, environmental safety, and health management. It also features a 345 kV ultra-high voltage substation power system to connect to the power grid. To build the substation, Ørsted has secured land lease rights and construction permits in the Binhai Industrial Zone. The substation is expected to be in operation by the end of 2025.

Ørsted is committed to upholding the highest international quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) standards in offshore wind power, ensuring projects are held to a rigorous standard, completed safely, and finished in a timely manner. In collaboration with Star Energy and downstream manufacturers, Ørsted successfully completed and launched Taiwan’s largest 900 MW onshore substation for phase 1 of the Greater Changhua South East and South West offshore wind farms in May 2022, making a significant contribution to the development of the local supply chain.

Christy Wang, Chairman of Ørsted Taiwan, expressed her delight in joining hands with TCC and Star Energy once again as well as witnessing Star Energy’s growth into an outstanding local supplier through their collaboration. In May of last year, they successfully launched a world-class transmission system for Taiwan’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, setting a precedent for the local offshore wind industry. This turnkey contract will further strengthen the engineering, environmental safety, and technical capabilities of local suppliers and contractors while continuously creating development opportunities for the local community.

Huang Shun-I, Charman of TCC, stated that TCC has been thoroughly educated about international standards for quality, environment, safety, and health in the offshore wind industry through its collaboration with Ørsted. The company is proud to have achieved an extraordinary record of over 1.7 million accident-free work hours during the construction of the onshore substation for the first phase of Greater Changhua South East and South West offshore wind farms. Star Energy will continue to pursue high quality and ensure the project is completed safely and on time, while abiding by quality standards.

 (Image Source: Ørsted)

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