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Runda Commences Construction on 10GW TOPCon Cell Project in Jiangsu

published: 2023-05-05 9:30

On April 23, government officials and company representatives in Jianhu County, which is within the Chinese city of Yancheng, held a ceremony to mark the development of several local manufacturing projects. The event was attended by Qi Congfeng, the secretary of the county’s party committee; Chen Xia, the mayor of the county; Xu Gang, the deputy secretary of the county’s party committee; and Ma Shengqun, a member of the county’s party committee and the deputy mayor of the county. Among the projects that formally initiated construction at the event was a 10GW TOPCon cell project being developed by Runda PV. Hence, Yan Dong, the GM of Runda, also among the notable attendees. Yancheng is a prefecture-level city in China’s Jiangsu Province.

The TOPCon cell project has been of great importance for both Runda and the local government, and its groundbreaking drew the attention of many talents involved in the Chinese PV industry. The local government expects the TOPCon cell project to be a major driver of economic development. As for Runda, the project will contribute to the company’s efforts in vertical integration. Its success will also boost the company’s confidence in pursuing global expansion.

Moreover, on the next day April 24, Runda announced that it had successfully manufactured its first batch 210+N TOPCon modules in Yancheng. This event indicates that Runda has a reliable process for the eventual mass production of its TOPCon cells. The company, which has been mainly a supplier for PV modules, now formally enters the upstream section of PV cells. The success in the production of 210+N TOPCon modules represents a milestone in Runda’s efforts to reach a higher level of specialization, to develop a well-rounded portfolio, and to internationalize its business operations.

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