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Carplus Joins Hands with Yes Charging on Deploying 100 Charging Stations to Facilitate Convenience in EV Rentals

published: 2023-05-08 9:30

In order to improve the accessibility of EV rentals, Carplus Auto Leasing has announced that it would be joining hands with Yes Charging (under Yulon Motor) to deploy 100 charging stations that would accelerate the development of the EV ecosystem.

Yes Charging, under Yulon Motor, is targeting the EV rental field once again after becoming Foxconn’s charging pile supplier and the Singaporean government’s technical partner in electric buses, and plans to establish 100 charging stations through Carplus’ nationwide retail stores, which would refine the EV ecosphere.

Carplus currently offers about 100 units of EVs from different brands for rental services, including Tesla, Volvo, and Nissan Leaf, and will be establishing 40 charging piles at 20 short-term retail stores in order to maximize rental efficiency of EVs. The Taichung City Government store and Zuoying Store, which have the fastest vehicle turnovers, will be respectively established with 4 and 20 supercharging stations.

It is important for users to perceive actual driving differences and distance through rentals before buying EVs in order to truly overcome the major concern of EV purchases, which is range anxiety. With that being said, the whole rental experience would be impacted by the lack of charging stations. This issue can be resolved from a more comprehensive charging network

Aside from having acquired EV partnership with automotive manufacturers such as Luxgen, Porsche, Hyundai, Volvol, OPEL, Nissan, CMC, and MG, Yes Charging is also targeting major social circles of EVs by establishing 46 charging stations at indicative areas such as the Tainan Mitsui Outlet Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Q Square, Formosan Naruwan Hotel Resort Taitung, Lishan Resort Hotel (charging stations at the highest altitude in Taiwan), and the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, as well as places such as department stores, hotels, gold courses, theme parks, and large car parks. Yes Charging also provides assistance for car owners who have a need of charging at their homes by establishing home charging equipment and management systems. Yes Charging, by offering an integrated charging ecosphere from your home to all aspects of life, exempts all EV users from range anxiety for each trip.

Third-party charging is an indispensable segment for the popularization of EVs, however, car owners should be careful of the differences in charging specifications to avoid incompatible plugs when in need of charging.

 (Cover photo source: provided by Yes Charging)

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