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Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association Established to Accelerate Industry Development

published: 2023-05-29 9:30

The Taiwan Perovskite Research and Industry Association successfully convened its inaugural meeting on May 18th in Hsinchu. The alliance’s formation aims to unify industrial, academic, and research experts from perovskite-related fields, fostering a platform for industry exchange and collaboration. Its primary commitment is to facilitate the construction of a comprehensive Taiwanese perovskite industry chain, thereby expediting the industry’s diversified growth.

On April 5, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida officially announced Japan’s policy to popularize flexible perovskite solar cells by 2030. As part of this ambitious plan, the government will establish funds to support the preparation of production systems and the development of mass production technologies. On May 12, 2023, First Solar, the globe’s leading thin-film solar company, announced its acquisition of Swedish perovskite solar R&D company Evolar AB for an estimated USD 38 million. This move further bolstered First Solar’s preeminent position in the thin-film solar domain and triggered a notable rally in its stock price, with a surge of up to 26%, making a record high since 2008.  

Amid international partnerships, the global perovskite solar sector has entered a period of explosive growth akin to the Cambrian Explosion! In response to this competitive global landscape, the establishment of the TPRIA holds great significance. It unites Taiwan’s domestic perovskite-related industries with scientific research institutions, fostering exchange and cooperation while broadening the market scale. Resource sharing and a collaborative platform will act as the catalyst for industry innovation, while also hastening the research, development, and application of perovskite technology. This collective effort will not only bolster the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s perovskite industry but also chart a path towards the industry’s sustainable development.

The inaugural general meeting of the TPRIA also took place during the conference, during which founding members elected Lai-ju Chen, the chairman of Taiwan Perovskite Solar Corp, as the alliance’s first chairman through a voting process. Boasting extensive industry experience and professional knowledge, Chairman Chen will spearhead the alliance’s development and propel the execution of crucial initiatives. Under his leadership, the TPRIA is poised to emerge as a key player in fostering industry innovation and advancing international collaboration.

The inaugural meeting of the alliance saw the attendance of 40 founding members, representing academia and research units, material, equipment, and process industries, along with various other industry-related applications. Notably, the SEMI Energy Industry Division is also a founding member of this alliance, aspiring to be a vital player in the development of Taiwan’s perovskite industry. During the meeting, a SEMI representative invited alliance members to participate in the upcoming “Energy Taiwan & Net-Zero Taiwan,” scheduled to take place at the Nangang Exhibition Center from October 18th to 20th this year. The expo will host a series of forums and speeches, focusing on the latest trends and innovations in renewable energy and green technology sectors. The alliance members are also especially invited to deliver keynote speeches on the trends in the perovskite solar energy industry during these forums.   

Furthermore, Heliya Integration, a domestic leader in the field of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is another founding member of the alliance. The alliance’s inception has ushered in a collaborative venture between TSPC and Heliya Integration. They announced a joint mission to broaden the application of perovskite solar energy within the architectural domain, underscoring the cooperative might of the alliance. The alliance aims to further augment its membership with capable and promising businesses and experts, striving together to advance Taiwan’s perovskite solar industry.

Chairman Chen revealed the alliance’s agenda for the year, highlighting two key events. These include their involvement in the “16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition” to be held in Shanghai from May 24th to 26th. Additionally, the alliance will feature as organizers for the “3rd Taiwan Perovskite Industry Forum” scheduled for August 31st.

(Image Source: TPRIA)

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