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Approval Secured for Europe's Largest Battery Storage Project

published: 2024-04-24 17:26

Giga Storage, a Netherlands-based developer, has secured the definitive permit to proceed with the construction of a groundbreaking project in Belgium: the GIGA Green Turtle. This initiative entails the establishment of a massive 600 MW/2,400 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). This achievement marks a significant milestone, facilitating the necessary financing arrangements for what is poised to become Europe’s largest BESS project.

Set in the eastern Belgian town of Dilsen-Stokkem, the project site sits adjacent to a newly established 380 kV high-voltage station managed by transmission system operator Elia. Positioned along the high-voltage line from Van Eyck to Gramme, it provides an optimal location for the forthcoming battery park. This industrial estate, once occupied by a zinc factory, will now host the innovative venture spearheaded by Giga Storage. Interestingly, prior to Giga Storage's acquisition of the land, there were earlier plans by a different energy company to establish a battery park here, underscoring the strategic significance of this location for energy storage endeavors.

The ambitious GIGA Green Turtle project is set to feature a sophisticated infrastructure comprising 20 batteries, each equipped with an inverter, along with 185 medium voltage transformers and five high-voltage transformers boasting a collective capacity of 1,500 MVA. Furthermore, the development will encompass a planting zone spanning 25,650 square meters surrounding the battery park, ensuring a harmonious integration with the environment.

According to the developer, GIGA Green Turtle aims to store the average annual energy consumption of 330,000 families, effectively replenishing it back into the electricity grid. Construction is slated to commence in 2025, with an anticipated completion date set for 2028. The project is expected to play a pivotal role in facilitating Belgium and Europe's transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

“In January, when the project was initially unveiled, Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage, emphasized the significance of strategically establishing utility-scale energy storage facilities. Nijs noted that such initiatives will not only foster stability in energy prices but also reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports. Highlighting the monumental scale of this project as the largest battery in Europe, Nijs underscored the growing imperative for expanded storage capacity in the years ahead.”

Giga Storage has set an ambitious target of delivering 5 GW of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects across Europe by 2030. Already underway is a significant project in the Delfzijl region of the Netherlands, boasting a capacity of 300 MW/1,200 MWh. Anticipating further growth, the company plans to unveil numerous additional projects in various European nations in the forthcoming years.

This Dutch developer has a track record of successful ventures, having previously completed a 12 MW/7.5 MWh battery system in the Netherlands in 2020, followed by a larger 25 MW/48 MWh installation in 2022. Furthermore, Giga Storage has a promising project in its pipeline: a 300 MW battery park situated near the Van Eyck high-voltage station in Kinrooi, a mere 15 kilometers from the GIGA Green Turtle site.

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