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Brazil's new photovoltaic installed capacity exceeds 6GW from January to May 2024

published: 2024-05-30 16:50

Solar energy in Brazil has achieved a remarkable milestone. According to the latest data from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Association (Absolar), Brazil installed more than 6GW of new photovoltaic capacity between January and May 2024. The cumulative installed capacity of the Brazilian solar industry has exceeded 43GW, including 29.2GW from distributed generation systems and 13.8GW from centralized generation. The photovoltaic industry has attracted more than BRL 202 billion in new investments and created more than 1.3 million green jobs across Brazil.

Brazil is expected to increase solar capacity to 6 GW starting in early 2024, using large-scale solar power plants and self-generation systems on roofs, facades and ground. In addition, the sector has contributed more than BRL 62 billion in revenue since 2012. Solar currently accounts for 18.2% of Brazil's installed capacity, according to Absolar calculations.

Solar power currently accounts for 18.2% of Brazil’s installed capacity and has played a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, preventing 52 million tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, the sector has contributed more than R$62 billion to the country since 2012, demonstrating its economic significance.


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