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The future development of energy storage systems must also show a trend of large capacity and low footprint

published: 2024-06-17 17:35

From June 13th to 15th, SNEC 2024 was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. With the continuous advancement of the national "dual carbon" strategy, the installed capacity of new energy continues to increase, the penetration rate of wind and solar power has increased significantly, and the demand for energy storage is also growing rapidly. Under the new market situation, the integration of photovoltaic energy storage has become a major trend, and many photovoltaic giants, inverter manufacturers and many equipment manufacturers also choose cross-border energy storage.

From the perspective of battery capacity, in this exhibition, many leading energy storage companies exhibited their battery products with a battery capacity of 300+Ah. It is worth mentioning that following the 1130Ah energy storage special battery of Haichen energy storage, Shaanxi Olympos launched an amazing 3777Ah ultra-large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery at this exhibition, which attracted a lot of attention in the industry. This high-capacity battery has also been used, with 416 of them in its 5MWh energy storage container.

From 280Ah to 300+Ah and then to 1000+Ah, the development of large-capacity has shown a rapid trend, and the launch of products with 3000+Ah capacity has undoubtedly pushed the large-capacity competition to a new level.

From the perspective of energy storage systems, 5.XMWh energy storage systems have become the mainstream. Dozens of companies said that their large-capacity energy storage battery products have been mass-produced and delivered, and the energy storage system will soon be practical. Some head companies have launched 6MWh+ capacity energy storage system products.

Most of the enterprises are used in the energy storage system of large storage, and their common feature is that the standard 20 feet has increased the capacity. Some enterprises have begun to focus on the 6.X MWh energy storage system from 5.X MWh in order to seize the starting position of the new round of competition.

It is not difficult to see that 6.X MWh or even larger capacity will soon become a new trend, and the future development of energy storage systems must also show a trend of large capacity and low footprint.

In addition to large capacity, liquid cooling products have become another highland of competition among enterprises. This year, liquid cooling definitely has an undoubted position. Almost all energy storage companies have liquid-cooled energy storage products, and air-cooled + liquid-cooled energy storage systems have already appeared in the market, and even some companies have begun to launch their liquid-cooled products.

According to estimates, from 2022 to 2025, the scale of China's energy storage temperature control market will increase from 4.66 billion yuan to 16.46 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 52.3%. The penetration rate of liquid cooling in the market will gradually increase in the future.

In addition, industrial and commercial energy storage products are even more dazzling. The silent performance of the large storage market and the rapid development of distributed generation have led to the rapid growth of industrial and commercial energy storage demand. Coupled with local policy support and continuous updating of enterprise products, the industrial and commercial energy storage market continues to expand. At the same time, its economy is also improving, and the outbreak of demand and considerable benefits have also made the energy storage companies crazy.


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