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SVOLT released a 266Wh/kg ternary semi-solid-state battery which is planned to start mass production in 2026

published: 2024-07-10 17:42

On July 4, SVOLT released a ternary semi-solid-state battery product with an energy density of 266Wh/kg. This is the first product of SVOLT that can be mass-produced and equipped with time, cost and application scenario definition, which is mainly used for special-shaped package high-power models.

According to Zhang Fangnan, senior vice president/director of SVOLT Energy, the battery has a capacity of 150Ah, an energy density of 266Wh/kg, and a 2.2C fast charging capability and a cycle life of 1,800 times. Compared to liquid high-nickel batteries, this battery has twice the heat resistance time in thermal runaway and the maximum temperature after runaway is also reduced by 200 degrees.

Zhang Fangnan also revealed that the battery is scheduled to start mass production in February 2026.

In the research and development direction of solid-state batteries, polymers are suitable for lithium metal protective layers, oxides are suitable for semi-solid-state batteries and halides are suitable for adding to cathode materials. Sulfides have become the main research direction of solid-state batteries because of their high ionic conductivity and stability. SVOLT is focusing on the research of sulfide electrolytes.

In the field of semi-solid-state batteries, SVOLT has launched two generations of jelly batteries with high energy density and fast charging capabilities. The second-generation jelly battery especially solves the problem of swelling of medium and high nickel silicon-doped systems, and adopts advanced electrolyte and cathode technology to effectively suppress internal short circuits. SVOLT has established a trial production line, and the second-generation product is about to enter the B sample stage.

In the field of solid-state batteries, SVOLT has developed technologies including multi-element doped material coating modification, dry self-supporting membrane electrodes and other technologies, and successfully trial-produced all-solid-state battery cells. SVOLT's sulfide electrolyte has high ionic conductivity, and the electrolyte membrane has also been prepared in a large area. In 2022, the company developed the first 20Ah chalcogenide all-solid-state prototype battery cell in China.


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