Si-Wafer Price Decreases Again; Market Condition will Improve after Chinese New Year: Price Trend

Polysilicon The decrease of prices for PV cell and si-wafer in January was quite large. Many medium and small manufacturers needed polysilicon price reduction to gain profits. Thus, they expected the prices of polysilicon used for mono-si and .. more

Prices from Large Polysilicon Makers Remain Stable; Decrease of PV Cell Price Has Become Limited: Price Trend

Polysilicon The inventories of all large polysilicon manufacturers were short in January. Besides, there were many orders extending till February with the demand on the market. Thus, these manufacturers will not suffer price reduction pressure .. more

Demand from End Market Weakens, Making Supply Chain Prices Slump: Price Trend

Chinese New Year is around the corner. The end market of solar energy has become weak. Because the module dealers’ demand for cells decreased, cell dealers had to sell with a lower price. However, the China-based market is quite sluggish .. more

End Demand Weakens, Making Si-Wafer and PV Cell Prices Drop: Price Trend

Polysilicon Polysilicon price has remained stable this week. However, owing to weak end demand, some downstream si-wafer and PV cell capacities have been shut down. Some polysilicon manufacturers may lower their prices in the end of January, a.. more

PriceTrend: Prices of Mono PV Cell and Modules Are Pressed Down Severely; Downstream Market Prices Becomes Unstable

Tier-one manufacturers received enough orders for January. However, because the demand of the China market tended to be weak, tier-two or –three manufacturers who target China market experienced decreasing amount of orders. Meanwhile, ti.. more

PV Cell Still under Great Pressure Due to Lowered Si-Wafer Price and China’s Weak Demand: Price Trend

Last week, the decrease of si-wafer prices has influenced the downstream PV cell manufacturers. However, because there are differences between the previous price trends of mono-si PV cell and multi-si PV cell, plus, their shipping markets are .. more

Leading Manufacturers Have Lowered Mono-Si Wafer Prices, Influencing the Entire Si-Wafer Sector: Price Trend

This week, owing to the announcement of lowering on-grid prices from NDRC, the local demand grew, bringing a few supports for the demand in January, 2018. In terms of supply chain, because of the expectation of weak demand for 1Q18, both mono-.. more