End Demand Weakens, Making Si-Wafer and PV Cell Prices Drop: Price Trend

Polysilicon Polysilicon price has remained stable this week. However, owing to weak end demand, some downstream si-wafer and PV cell capacities have been shut down. Some polysilicon manufacturers may lower their prices in the end of January, a.. more

PriceTrend: Prices of Mono PV Cell and Modules Are Pressed Down Severely; Downstream Market Prices Becomes Unstable

Tier-one manufacturers received enough orders for January. However, because the demand of the China market tended to be weak, tier-two or –three manufacturers who target China market experienced decreasing amount of orders. Meanwhile, ti.. more

PV Cell Still under Great Pressure Due to Lowered Si-Wafer Price and China’s Weak Demand: Price Trend

Last week, the decrease of si-wafer prices has influenced the downstream PV cell manufacturers. However, because there are differences between the previous price trends of mono-si PV cell and multi-si PV cell, plus, their shipping markets are .. more

Leading Manufacturers Have Lowered Mono-Si Wafer Prices, Influencing the Entire Si-Wafer Sector: Price Trend

This week, owing to the announcement of lowering on-grid prices from NDRC, the local demand grew, bringing a few supports for the demand in January, 2018. In terms of supply chain, because of the expectation of weak demand for 1Q18, both mono-.. more

Price Decline in Mono-Si Supply Chain Has Eased; Trade Policies to Determine Solar Market Trends in the Near Future

Prices of mono-Si wafers and cells were more stable to some degree in the week of 21 December 2017. Although small- and medium-size suppliers lowered their prices as demand was still sluggish, the price decline began to moderate because produc.. more

Mono-Si Prices in December Have Become Stable; Multi-Si Orders to Continue until January: Price Trend

This week, the focus of the market was on the change of the mono-si supply chain. Due to the rapid decline of mono-si price, the demand of this week has improved, and some PV cell manufacturers can finally stop inventory accumulation. Yet, becaus.. more

Mono-Si Prices Have Kept Dropping and the Competition with Multi-Si Has Become Severe: Price Trend

This week, the price movements are mostly concentrated in the mono-si supply chain. Because there were sufficient inventories for mono-si wafer and mono-si PV cell, the prices in this week have dropped, making the gap between multi-si wafer price .. more