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The Battery Recycling to Become a Business of 10 Billion Dollars in 2015

published: 2010-04-02 15:17

It is convenient to use batteries in electrical appliances but environmentalists are more concerned about its environmental impacts.

EnergyTrend discovers that battery related applications will launch the business opportunity of battery recycling, which is estimated to reach a 10 billion dollar market in 2015.

A battery is never big. Small as it is, a dry cell buried in the earth will influence up to a square meter area. Our annual consumption of batteries has caused enormous damages to the earth. Also, metals and organic solutions contained in the battery are harmful to the human health. The impact on the human body depends on the metals.

According to EnergyTrend, methyl mercury biotransformed from mercury does great harm to central nervous system. Once absorbed into the human body, the metal lead is hard to leave and will affect and hurt the working of the human nerve system, kidney and circulatory system. As for cadmium, it is easy to cause emphysema, osteoporosis as well as liver diseases.

Therefore, for the sake of environmental protection and human health, consumers and battery manufacturers must work hard together to recycle batteries so that we cannot only enjoy an endless power supply but also do our bit for the environmental protection of the earth.

On the industry side, companies need to pay attention to environmental requirements from global governments, the recycling cost of used batteries and reusable materials. Although the above-mentioned elements add costs for electric car makers, new business opportunities also rise.

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