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2H2010 Global PV Market Development Trend and Discussion

published: 2010-09-15 11:19
2H2010 Global PV Market Development Trend and Discussion

The topic of energy-saving has become a global trend. Out of all the clean energies, solar energy has always been deemed as an alternative to traditional oil energy. With new regulations and subsidies released, the EU implemented the 20-20-20 targets. Governments have shown deep interests in the development of solar energy.

On the other hand, developed countries are facing decline in traditional manufacturing sectors. To solve the problem of rising unemployment and surplus in manpower, new policies are imposed to help developing renewable energies. Despite of the impact of financial crisis in ’08 and ’09, development of renewable energy is still going strong in order to boost economy and build a greener environment.

Solar industry in China and Taiwan is expected to show evident growth starting the end of 2010. Many major Japanese and Korean big-name enterprises are entering the solar industry. Relevant plants and cooperation are underway. Furthermore, numerous panel, semiconductor, and electronic manufacturers announced joining the solar industry. The industry will certainly become more competitive.

EnergyTrend analyzes manufactures’ capacity, raw material prices, product prices and costs, and using statistics to depict current solar industry every month, and updates primary statistics every quarter.


  • Global Installation of PV Versus Main Market Changes
  • Market Demand and Price Estimation in 2H2010
  • Challenges in Market Entry
  • Capacity Distribution (Gigawatt)


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