EnergyTrend: Solar Market to Diversify in 2012, Growth Momentum Expected to Continue

published: 2012-03-08 15:30 | editor: | category: Analysis

Despite the worldwide financial downturn and the unstable financial system, solar system’s installed capacity still saw continuous growth in 2011. Aided by the sharp price drop in the solar supply chain, the growth momentum continued. Although the persisting oversupply and subsidy cuts by several countries resulted in pessimism for the solar industry’s development in the short run, the solar market’s growth was in fact beyond expectations. In spite of the fact that areas with high growth in the past might start reducing installed capacity, EnergyTrend believes that in 2012, the installed capacity will continue increasing; emerging markets will thrive and the solar manufacturers will operate with more innovation and flexibility.


The top ten markets in 2012 are expected to be Germany, China, Italy, Japan, India, France, Australia, Greece and Canada. On account of the countries’ fast changing policies, it becomes harder to predict the market trend. For this reason, most companies began to diversify their target markets to avoid focusing on one particular market and in turn incurring problematic scenario when subsidy adjustment or economic issues occur.

1H12 will see the demand in the European countries continue to climb due to the impending subsidy cut, while the solar demand around the world will begin picking up come 2Q12. While high efficiency solar cell and module is expected to be the main focus of the market, the leasing solar system, household solar system and the cooperation and competition between global solar companies are also the critical issues as far as 2H12 solar industry development is concerned.

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