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TrendForce:2012 Taiwan Cell Makers’ Ranking, Total Cell Shipments Exceed 5.5GW

published: 2013-02-05 16:54

According to EnergyTrend, a research division of global market research firm TrendForce, despite the financial strains experienced by various countries’ solar markets and the persistence of trade disputes, the PV industry showed growth in 2012 as shipments from Taiwan’s PV Cell makers reached record high.

As indicated by EnergyTrend Q1’13 PV database, nearly 5,500MW PV cells had been shipped by Taiwanese cell makers in 2012. PV cells from Motech, Gintech, Neo Solar Power and Solartech, the four key players within the Taiwan PV industry, accounted for approximately 67% of shipment. In 2011, only Motech’s shipment exceed 1GW , but in 2012 both Motech and Gintech’s shipments surpassed 1GW .Other companies like Topcell , DelSolar, and Tainergy have each shipped around 300~350MW during 2012.

As a contrast to previous years, when growth tends to be substantially greater in the H2, majority of the 2012 shipments were concentrated on 2012H1 (shipment ratio for 2012 H1 and H2 is approximately 55%:45%). While most companies’ shipments were up 5~25% compared to 2011, the intensified pricing competition resulting from market oversupply has caused 2012 revenue to decline by 25~50%.

In 2013, Taiwan’s PV cell shipments will likely break records again, reason being the US and Europe’s double reverse towards China and the rise of Japan’s PV market, both of which increase Taiwan’s PV company opportunities. While the Taiwan PV manufacturer’s OEM ratio might increase again, the revenue and production value, on the other hand, are likely to remain roughly equal to 2012’s figures.

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