EnergyTrend Chinese Module Shipment Data Report: Difference in Price and Volume of Mainstream Products Easily Distinguishable among Regions

published: 2013-12-02 9:16 | editor: | category: Analysis

According to EnergyTrend’s investigation, 250W were the mainstream for Chinese modules shipped to Asian countries, such as the matured Japanese market, India, Malaysia, and other emerging markets, in September. From price aspect, the total amount of modules shipped to Japan was much larger compared to other countries and the price range was relatively wide. Meanwhile, price for modules shipped to Japan was generally higher.

Among the total amount of modules shipped from Shanghai in September, shipment to Japan accounted for the most, in which Hanwha SolarOne had the largest amount of shipment to Japan, representing about 17% of the total shipment shipped from Shanghai to Japan. With Trina Solar having the second largest amount of shipment to Japan, shipment for both manufacutrers represented 33% of the total shipment in Shanghai. Due to the decreased demand in the European market, Chinese manufacturers have started to search for opportunities in different regions. The proportion shift of export countries and mainstream products among regions have become the focus for manufacturers.

The whole new Chinese module shipment data report will now be included in silver member service brought to you by EnergyTrend. Every month, the shipping volume and price information regarding major export countries in China will be disclosed and updated. In addition, the spec and price range will be listed out for major markets. It will help you make more informed decisions and be the first to grasp market opportunities.


EnergyTrend Chinese Module Shipment Data Report Content

CH1 Overall Chinese Module Shipping Volume and Price Statistics

CH2 Monthly Module Export Ranking by Company

CH3 Monthly Module Export Quantity and Price Range by Country

CH4 Taiwan Industry Chain, Customs Import and Export Data

*Wafer - Cell - Module


Release Date: 20th of each month

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Format: Excel


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