Analysis on China’s Top Runner Program: Mono-si Products Obtain Advantage, Company Brand Image Enhanced

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The Chinese government launched the “Top Runner Program” in 2015 to encourage PV technology improvement and accelerate PV industry transformation. This program is viewed as one of the most important policies to promote PV industrial concentration in China.

1. Efficiency standard

Top Runner Program sets specific and strict efficiency standards for PV products used to construct PV projects under the Program to improve technology and industry transformation. The standards are as follow:

The objective for the Program is easier to achieve by using mono-Si cells, finds EnergyTrend.

2. Grid connection detail

The first phase construction of the Program comprises seven 100-MW projects and six 50-MW projects. All of the 13 projects were completely connected to the power grid in late-June. The detail is as follow:

JA Solar is the biggest winner for supplying approximately 420MW modules. Over 70% of the projects chose using mono-si modules, and some chose PERC or N-type modules.

3. Conclusion

The subsidy for projects under the Program is not higher than usual power plants, and thus the purchase price for modules is not too high, allowing mono- and multi-Si cell manufacturers to meet the requirement through non-PERC cells. As a result, the “Top Runner Program” didn’t help increase PREC cell shipment. Companies can’t earn high premium from winning the bids neither.

However, the purpose of the Program is to urge the PV market to use more high-efficiency products, and in turn improve the industry competitiveness. Companies’ brand image can be greatly enhanced if they successfully win the bid and complete constructions.


“EnergyTrend Market Intelligence, 2015 China Top Runner Program” (special report)

Table content: Background, Efficiency Standard, Manufacturer and Product Analysis, Product Detail, Conclusion

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