Aeon Motor Announced Commercial Electric Scooter Ai-2 Gather that Comes with an Additional Wheel and Roof

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Aeon Motor announced its first three-wheeled intelligent electric scooter Ai-2 Gather on August 28th, and became the first automotive manufacturer in the PBGN alliance to research and develop frames autonomously. The company also joined hands with Taiwan Mobile to co-develop next generation intelligent application technology of Internet of Vehicles.

The three-wheeled scooters of Aeon Motor had established a distinctive image in the market of fossil fuel scooters, and the company has transcended from the relatively stagnant sentiment in electric scooters over the past year through the first concept scooter designed with the autonomously researched and developed frame, providing additional future directions for electric scooters.

First Three-Wheeled Electric Scooter Ai-2 Gather

Ai-2 Gather is a scooter designed for commercial needs based on the logistics demand that is currently on an accelerated surge. This three-wheeled commercial scooter that has one front wheel and two rear wheels aims to elevate safety while increasing cargo efficiency.

In addition to autonomously developed frame, Aeon Motor has also developed a three-wheeled e-Scooter transmission system, and incorporated multiple security mechanisms that maintain flexible controllability of the scooter. The three-wheeled system uses a design concept of three dots and one surface, which provides a more stable body that allows couriers to drive safely in streets and alleys.

Furthermore, Ai-2 will also be equipped with a roof design that provides shelter from wind and rain in order to facilitate smooth deliveries for couriers during bad weather.

Design concept of Ai-2 Gather (Source: captured by TechNews)

Ai-2 Gather remains as a concept scooter at the moment that is expected for official mass production and launch in 2021, and hopes to penetrate into the Taiwanese market of commercial scooters that has been unchanged for a while now. Unfortunately, the company did not provide a prototype at the announcement on August 28th, and only photos of the concept scooter were shown.

CROXERA Intelligent Dashboard System Integrates with IoV

Amongst members of the PBGN alliance, Aeon Motor has not only received positive feedbacks for its scooter design, but the intelligent dashboard system CROXERA is also the feature that CEO Tony Lin is proud of.

CROXERA offers multiple intelligent assisted driving functions.

 “The upgraded CROXERA is connected with IoV services, and satisfies driving behavior, safety reminders, and system linkage mechanisms that are emphasized by logistics operators, thus introducing more distinctive values of intelligent vehicles for users”, commented Tony Lin, who also pointed out that the new generation IoV not only allows mutual interaction between vehicles, but also concatenates with the roads and the environment that would elevate driving stability, connect with management platforms of fleets, and expedite commercial applications.

Jamie Lin, General Manager of Taiwan Mobile, also attended the announcement on August 28th, and demonstrated the blueprint of reinforced intelligence for Aeon Motor.

 “Taiwan Mobile provides 700MHz spectrum of 20MHz, and offers the most extensive and penetrative signal, whether it’s the existing 4G, or 5G in the future”, commented Jamie Lin, who then further expressed that Taiwan Mobile has the first cloud resource environment certified by Tier III operation in East Asia, as well as leading IoV OTA technology and management platform, and it will not be long before consumers witness the first 4G IoV intelligence scooter in Taiwan.

Apart from its excellent reputation, Aeon Motor has also surprised many with its remarkable sales performance, where the Ai-1 that has been released a year ago has been sold for 10K units, following behind Gogoro as the second best scooter manufacturer in terms of sales. Many owners who are on the fence right now are hoping for Aeon Motor to expand its retail stores in order to satisfy logistics requirements, and the number of Aeon Motor retail stores has been increased from 10 to 30 over the past year.

In addition to the Ai-2 announced on August 28th, Aeon Motor is also currently in the midst of creating Ai-3 and Ai-4, which are expected to be general models that are more fitted for average users.

Ai-2 Gather offers several highlights, including the sturdier and safer three-wheeled system, larger cargo space, and the roof that provides shelter from rain and wind, though the company has yet to announce the price, which is the most important element when targeting the logistics market. For logistics companies, vehicle price and maintenance cost are both factors to take into consideration, and will be deciding if Ai-2 is able to penetrate the business market.

The alliance with Taiwan Mobile will be of great help to Aeon Motor in the future, where one of the important partners is the logistics fleet of Momo Shop. Perhaps we can look forward to the day where a substantial amount of pink three-wheeled scooters are delivering on the streets.

 (Cover photo source: captured by TechNews)

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