Foxconn Hints That It Will Be Revealing an EV Platform at Hon Hai Technology Day

published: 2020-10-15 18:30 | editor: | category: Analysis

Taiwan-based technology conglomerate Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is also known internationally as Foxconn Technology Group, will be holding the first-ever “Hon Hai Technology Day” (HHTD) on October 16. The first round of invitations for the event were sent on September 23. The invitation bears the slogan “3+3=∞” that signifies the company’s commitment to wholescale transformation and the bullish outlook on business opportunities in new industries. Foxconn released more promotional materials for the event at the end of September.

In addition to the slogan, the latest advertisements also provide some information on the two major highlights of the event: the announcement of an electric vehicle (EV) platform and the presentation of cutting-edge technologies by the Hon Hai Research Institute. Hence, the attendees of the upcoming HHTD could get a first-hand look at Foxconn’s new EV platform as well as the results of the R&D pursued under the company’s “3+3 Strategy”.

Young Liu, chairman of Foxconn, announced at the company’s latest earnings call that the first edition of HHTD will be held this year so as to give the public a glimpse of the recent progress made by the company’s research units. Specifically, “3+3” refers to the six application areas that the company wants to focus on as it transitions away from being just a contract manufacturer. These fields are EVs, digital healthcare, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, and 5G communication.

The considerable importance that Liu has placed on the event can be seen in the creativity of the invitation. The slogan reflects the company’s ambitious plan to upgrade itself and the limitless potential of the company’s R&D in the future. Due to shifts in the global economy, Foxconn has been aggressively optimizing its operations and revamping its business models over the recent years. To maintain competitiveness in the supply chain while assuming a new role as a provider of technological solutions, the company is diversifying its portfolio and staking claims in the rapidly growing markets of EVs, robotics, semiconductor technologies, 5G/6G networks, etc.

The latest advertisements for promoting HHTD contain the unique mathematical formula along with texts about the unveiling of an EV platform and the presentation of advanced technologies that are under development at the Hon Hai Research Institute. The publicity campaign therefore hints that Foxconn will not only reveal its EV strategy but also share its progress on the R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum computing, AI, and semiconductors.

 (Photo credit: Foxconn.)

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